Breeding Fees

Breeding Information: Here are the Supremat OLD breeding opportunities, options, and prices. Prices are subject to change. Mare owners must pay for shipping, collection fees (when applicable), and breeding fees as well as have contract signed prior to any shipment made. A non-refundable booking fee of $300.00 must be received to ensure breeding. 
All breeding fees are 50% down and 50% when confirmed in foal.

Once 50% of the breeding fee has been made, contract is signed, and mare's registration papers have been sent to the stallion owner then shipment can be made. If you paid a booking fee then the first 50% is due minus the booking fee paid. Once the mare in confirmed in foal at first check the remaining fees must be paid. 
Supremat OLD mare discounts are available to select elite and premium mares. Please contact stallion owner to see if your mare applies.
Contracts for breeding can be found HERE.
If you have any further questions please contact us at


One Dose Frozen with LFG: $1000.00

Collections have been made and will be shipped by:
Select Breeder Services Southwest
2982 Rock Hill Road
Aubrey, TX 76227
Phone (940) 365-2468
Fax (940) 365-2570

Domestic Shipping is $335 for weekends and $350 for Saturday Deliveries. Canadian Shipments are $500.00. Prices are subject to change. Please contact SBS-SW with any further questions. 


Fresh Breeding with LFG: $1500.00 plus collection and shipping fees
Collections and Shipping fresh is done by Waller Equine Hospital
Waller Equine Hospital
Dr. Bonner Baldwin
28234 FM 2920
Waller, TX 77484
(936) 931-2900

Collections are done Monday through Friday. Mare Owner is required to give 24 hours' notice prior to collection and shipping. All fees must be paid to stallion owner and Waller Equine Hospital prior to collection and shipping. There are additional shipping options available. It is recommended that the mare owner contact Waller Equine Hospital after contract is signed and payment is received by stallion owner to inform the hospital of the upcoming collection.

Estimated cost for collection and shipping is below. Please remember this is only an estimate. Please contact them for exact pricing.

Collection only - Phantom $129.50
Semen Centrifugation $35.00
INRA 96 Extender $19.36
Equine Express Container $48.00
Equine Express Overnight Shipping $110.00
Brief Semen Evaluation $27.00
Total Estimate $368.86

Stallion owner will try to accommodate the mare owner and coordinate dates that bests fits the mare owner. Due to the stallions show and training schedule this is not always guaranteed and it is recommended that you contact us as soon as you think you'll be breeding with fresh. We will always make our best attempt to do what is needed.